Greece to recognize Israeli vaccination certificate

Greek Minister of Tourism informs Israeli ambassador that the government decided to approve the entry of Israelis who have been vaccinated.

Greece’s Minister of Tourism on Monday evening informed the Israeli Ambassador to Athens, Yossi Amrani, that the Greek Council of Ministers has approved the entry of Israeli tourists with a certificate of vaccination into the country without the need for a COVID-19 and without the obligation of isolation.

The decision of the Greek government is the result of an effort by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Transportation.

It follows a dialogue led by Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi with a number of countries abroad in order to promote mutual recognition of a vaccine certificate and to open the skies to Israeli tourism.

The permit is expected to take effect as of Tuesday, after a government order on the issue is signed.

It will initially include a quota of 10,000 Israeli tourists per week.

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