Flights reopen from Israel to Greece and Cyprus

Greece announced it would allow entry of 10,000 Israelis a week with no need for COVID testing or quarantine upon arrival.

Following a significant drop in Israel’s morbidity rate, Greece and Cyprus announced their intent to allow Israeli tourists into their countries with no need for virus testing prior to landing or mandatory quarantine upon arrival.

The agreement comes after intense talks in recent weeks between the countries’ foreign, tourism and transport ministries.

Officials noted, however, that morbidity numbers have been on the rises in Greece in recent days, and the country has imposed various restrictions including a nationwide curfew from 9pm to 5am

A number of local tourist attractions are asking visitors to pre-register online, providing their personal details in order to avoid the risk of mass infection.

Cyprus is set to allow Israelis entry beginning April 1 based on an agreement reached last month.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi told his Cypriot counterpart to: “Prepare the beaches, hotels and restaurants for Israelis waiting to return to your country,” adding that, “Your recognition of our ‘Green Pass’ certificate will lead to an influx of Israeli tourists in the coming weeks.”

Earlier this month, Channel 12 News reported that the Israeli government hopes to sign similar agreements with the UAE, Bahrain, and Morocco, as well as a row of European states, where the third coronavirus wave has recently led to a number of nationwide lockdowns.

In a move similar to Israel’s “Green Pass” program, the EU announced plans to grant “green passports” to individuals who have completed their second vaccination, allowing residents to visit other countries within the continent.

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