Best Snorkeling Trip from Koh Lanta

Best Snorkeling Trip from Koh Lanta, Are you thinking of going on a snorkeling trip in Koh Lanta? Koh Lanta is a beautiful Thai island located in the Andaman Sea and is easily accessible since it’s not too far from Krabi.

Koh Lanta is well known for its chill vibes, long white sand beaches and its boat trips. Yes, Koh Lanta is an amazing destination for travelers who like to go on snorkeling or dive trips.

In this post, we will talk about the best snorkeling tour in Koh Lanta and, more importantly, how to have the best snorkeling experience out there.

Before we start, you should know that there are two very popular options when it comes to snorkeling around Koh Lanta.

Best Snorkeling Trip from Koh Lanta

4-Islands tour

Koh Rok and Koh Haa

Since I experienced both snorkeling trips while I was in Koh Lanta, I’m in a good position to share my tips with you.

The 4-islands tour offers great snorkeling spots, but these can get crowded. This is because these islands are closer to Koh Lanta.  That said, it’s cheaper to get there, so this becomes the most affordable option when it comes to snorkeling trips.

Best Snorkeling Trip from Koh Lanta

Best Snorkeling Trip from Koh Lanta

Snorkeling in Koh Rok

Although, after going on the Koh Rok and Koh Haa tour, my mind was blown! The snorkeling experience there was epic for multiple reasons. The snorkeling spots are larger so it didn’t feel crowded at all. The water was clearer, the corals were in better conditions, and we could admire more diversity when it came to marine life.

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Snorkeling in Koh Rok and Koh Haa

Koh Rok is located 30km south of Koh Lanta.  It is made up of two small islands – Koh Rok Nok and Koh Rok Nai. The island is situated in the National Marine Park, so it is well looked after.

The islands are home to a tropical forest where you can find monitor lizards, some of the world’s biggest lizards! (don’t worry, they are more scared of you). While there is gorgeous scenery on the islands, the real attraction is found in the water.

Koh Rok is known for its superb snorkeling and has been referred to as a ‘snorkeling paradise.’ Visitors can enjoy sandy white beaches without the large crowds, creating the feeling you’re on a private beach. You will also find gorgeous, turquoise, crystal clear water. Once in the water, you will be greeted by beautiful corals, almost untouched, and plenty of tropical fish. The shallow water makes it an excellent spot for snorkeling, as you can see so much, not far from shore.  Sounds impressive, right?

Koh Haa translates into five islands, and yes, it is made up of five islands. The scenery of the islands above and below water is magnificent. As you approach the islands, visitors can see limestone rocks rising from the sea.

There is a central lagoon, right in the middle of the sea, that visitors can swim and snorkel in. In the lagoon, you will find colorful and diverse coral reefs. There is also a range of marine life that you can admire when snorkeling here. Marine life ranges vastly, from octopuses, eels, turtles, sea horses, the possibilities are plentiful.

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The water is bright and has excellent visibility, so you will have no trouble spotting something worthwhile. If you compare a picture of Koh Haa to the real thing, the water really looks like the pictures!

So, Koh Rok or Koh Haa? How do you decide? 

Luckily there is a day trip offered by Klook where you can visit both of these beautiful spots. You can escape to these two islands and get away from the crowds of tourists you find (almost) everywhere in Thailand.

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Best Snorkeling Trip from Koh Lanta

Day Trip to Koh Rok and Koh Haa Overview

In this section, we will give you more information on what’s included in the snorkeling trip from Koh Lanta as well as global information about both islands.

You will get picked up from your hotel, and a guide will be with you throughout the journey. You will arrive at Saladan Pier, where the fast boat will be waiting for your group. The boat can welcome up to 70 passengers, although, when I did the trip, there were only 40 of us.

Note that I’m not a big fan of groups, but as mentioned above, the snorkeling spots in Koh Rok and Koh Haa are vast, and you won’t feel the crowd at all. Also, since it’s further, fewer boats are heading there.

You will spend the morning enjoying clear waters by visiting two different snorkeling spots around Koh Rok. You will have 45 minutes in each snorkeling spot, which is plenty of time.

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For lunch, you can indulge in the tastes of Thailand with a delicious lunch buffet. You will also have the time to walk on the beach, enjoy the views and go for a swim in the turquoise waters. Since we’re talking about Koh Rok island, the beach was quite crowded (all the boats go there for lunch), but it was fine. Our boat left later than the others, which meant we even managed to have some quiet time on the beach.

The afternoon will be spent snorkeling in one spot around Koh Haa and taking in the fantastic scenery of the coral reefs and marine life. In this spot, we managed to spot one small shark, which was very interesting and we had a fantastic experience.

A snack was served while we were heading back to Koh Lanta and then, our driver brought us back to our hotel. This trip is a great way to experience the beauty of both islands, along with the surrounding areas. It is recommended for anyone who wants to see another beautiful side to Thailand, without all the crowds.

What to Pack for Snorkeling Trip to Koh Rok and Koh Haa

Here’s an overview of what you should bring for your day trip to Koh Rok and Koh Haa.

  • Swimsuit
  • Towel (note that the boat provided towels too)
  • Camera
  • Reef friendly sunscreen
  • Sunglasses


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