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Greece to recognize Israeli vaccination certificate

Greek Minister of Tourism informs Israeli ambassador that the government decided to approve the entry of Israelis who have been vaccinated. Greece’s Minister of Tourism on Monday evening informed the Israeli Ambassador to Athens, Yossi Amrani, that the Greek Council of Ministers has approved the entry of Israeli tourists with a certificate of vaccination into […]

Number of seriously ill COVID patients drops below 500

6,114 deaths reported since beginning of pandemic. Number of active cases continues to fall sharply, with hospitalizations falling to 764. A total of 942 new cases of the coronavirus were diagnosed across Israel Monday, as the infection rate continues to fall, dropping to the lowest level in months, according to data released by the Health […]

Germany: New coronavirus lockdown over Easter

Lockdown extends general lockdown measures until mid-April, announces tight lockdown over Easter. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday announced that her country would begin a tough five-day lockdown to combat the recent rise in coronavirus infections, CNN reported. The lockdown, which will span April 1-5, including the Easter holiday, will close nearly all stores. Grocery […]

Greece lifts limit on maximum number of Israeli visitors

Greece agrees to recognize Israeli vaccination certificate, lifts limit on the number of Israelis allowed to enter the country weekly. Israel’s Foreign Ministry announced on Monday that Greece will accept Israeli coronavirus vaccination certificates, Israel Hayom reported. The recognition will allow vaccinated Israelis to travel to Greece without needing to quarantine, beginning Tuesday. Those who […]

Flights reopen from Israel to Greece and Cyprus

Greece announced it would allow entry of 10,000 Israelis a week with no need for COVID testing or quarantine upon arrival. Following a significant drop in Israel’s morbidity rate, Greece and Cyprus announced their intent to allow Israeli tourists into their countries with no need for virus testing prior to landing or mandatory quarantine upon […]

Mahane Yehuda Market comes back to life after a year of COVID

Tali Friedman, chairman of the Mahane Yehuda market merchants’ committee and chairman of the market association, tells Arutz Sheva about the difficult year the market went through during the coronavirus pandemic and the return to activity and routine ahead of the Passover holiday. Friedman notes the difficult feelings of the merchants who despite being in […]

Amid delayed COVID vaccine trials

“Prof. Shmuel Shapira will end his term as director of the Biological Institute after eight years in his role.” The director of the Israel Institute for Biological Research, Prof. Shmuel Shapira, announced Tuesday that he would be stepping down from his role this May, the Defense Ministry confirmed. “Prof. Shmuel Shapira will end his term […]

[CHIA SẺ] Mách bạn 16 cách tiết kiệm tiền hiệu quả tối đa

Tiết kiệm tiền là bước đầu tiên để xây dựng trong quá trình quản lý tài chính để đạt đến sự giàu có. Rất rất nhiều người thường tự đặt ra câu hỏi “Làm thế nào để tiết kiệm tiền?” Chúng ta đều biết tiết kiệm tiền là điều vô cùng quan trọng, nhưng nhiều […]