Most of the world’s species could go extinct and we’re part of the problem

on November 24th, 2017 by - Comments Off on Most of the world’s species could go extinct and we’re part of the problem

There are many species that are in danger of going extinct worldwide and many individuals do not see the severity of this issue. There have been five mass extinctions to occur so far on Earth. Scientists are predicting the sixth mass extinction to occur very soon. Scientists are trying to stress the endangerment of particular species to receive donations and help for these animals. Many in this world make fun of those who care about the earth and the animals living here. We know them as “tree huggers” or those who come into the grocery store with multiple reusable bags. These people are the ones who are most likely able to save the endangered animals, and should not be made fun of. Most scientists believe that as much as half of the population of species could go extinct within the next thirty years. The rate for extinction is continuing to grow. We need more “tree huggers” or those who use reusable bags at the grocery store instead of using plastic. These individuals are showing care for the world we live in.

The first topic as to how we are the problem for extinction is trees. Trees are being cut for the use of paper and many other things with paper being the main use. Paper is needed in this world but the amount of paper being used can be decreased with our help. Paper is able to be recycled for reuse. We need to stress the importance of this issue to save the removal of trees and forests. Also, many companies like to buy property where trees are populated or buy property from the woods areas. These two situations are endangering wildlife species. Many species live in the woods and forest areas. It is where they survive and take care of their children. Without these areas, there is no support, food, or places for these animals to locate to. The more trees are being cut down for companies to place their buildings on and the more paper is being used and trashed instead of recycled, the bigger the chance of loosing another species.

The human population is continuing to grow, causing extinction of species. This is not to say to not have children or to reduce the human population. The growing population will cause more areas to be conserved for housing, more food to be made, more trees that are going to be cut down, and much more. Taking care of the human population is good, but the human population needs to be educated on the importance of taking care of the world and animals around them to avoid extinction.

The next topic is going to be how we affect the sea animals. The ocean is one of the main areas where individuals take advantage of the Earth. Many people will go fishing or riding on boats out in the ocean. Many times instead of holding on to trash, people will throw their trash in the ocean, treating the ocean like a garbage can. The trash particles that fall to the ocean floor affect the animals that live in the water. The trash can destroy their homes, and most importantly endanger their health. We need to stop littering whether it is in the ocean or on land to avoid extinction.

We all have used fossil fuels whether realizing it or not. With the growth of the human population comes the need for using fossil fuel for things such as driving cars, something we are all interested in. The United States is working towards making eco-friendly cars that are operated by electricity through charging the car’s battery. Many individuals do not take the topic of taking care of Earth very seriously and do not care about the affects it will have on the Earth by not taking care of it. Using gas in vehicles will cause the air to become polluted and can increase global warming. Air pollution will lead to the cause of extinction in certain species.

Simply taking care of our planet will help reduce the chance of extinction, but it would be hard to make everyone understand this importance. Typically, if individuals have a strong mindset on a topic, it would be hard to persuade them to think otherwise. There are those individuals in this world who take care of the Earth and do as much possible to take care of the planet, those who moderately care about taking care of Earth and do little things to help, and those who do not care about saving the planet and will automatically tune you out for even bringing up the topic of saving the planet. If we as humans can start taking care of the planet by using eco-friendly materials, conserving on the use of items such as paper and water, reducing the amount of trash used, and continuing to inform others of animal extinction and how we can stop it, will help to reduce extinction. Also, when informing others about the extinction, be sure to tell them how they can help through donations and informing people they know about the cause.